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Customized trainings

Whether your business is in need of a customized training program.CODEV International is ready to help, we will present you with options that are in line with your specific training goals and Time frame. At the request of institutions, development projects, governments or donors we offer training sessions based on your unique requirements that can best meet your needs and your organization’s desired outcomes. Our tailor-made seminars can be delivered in your country, at venues of your choice, at any time and adapted to your specific needs.

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Meeting with professional mentors

The aim of these appointments organized by CODEV International is to promote mentee’s capabilities and skills acquisiation. Thus, preparing each participant to face current and future professional challenges.

Participation in conferences and fairs

We offer our mentees the opportunity to attend conferences and fairs in order to raise awareness about a particular theme and to enhance their capacity building process.

On-site visits

Anxious to bring a better value to its services, CODEV International has a key role to play in the implementation of lively technical workshops by professionals and visits to major sites to promote the exchange of practises and experiences.

Practical approach

CODEV International has the objective to promote career growth by acquiring resources and integrating them in a way that leads to change in individual behaviour and ultimately to more efficient and effective operations.

Training Catalogue 2023

Training Catalogue 2023

Our last interventions

CODEV has been involved in the design, organization and implementation of several technical assistance and institutional support programs in a wide and diverse range of development sectors and in various French-speaking countries, Special efforts are made to respond effectively to the specific needs of the beneficiaries:

Vision and Goals

Our purpose keeps us at the vanguard of professional opportunities for the African community; opportunities that will place them in a continuous process of professional evolution, generating new skills and capabilities within a practical, and applicable context.

With a comprehensive portfolio of training programs, participants will develop new skills through a broad array of expertise to enable them pursue an applicable experience and professional development. We seek to be part of the professional success of our mentees by sharing our knowledge and expertise to attain the objective pursued through extensive technical cooperation programs.

Our training programs embraces a multidimensional approach to sustainable development. In CODEV International, participants will undergo several seminars in order to deliver more effective and engaging training programs, increase learning retention and enhance their methods of delivery.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is That mentees will be able to achieve change and enhance their capabilities to overcome global challanges

Our Mission

We seek to develop capacities, enhance global decision-making and to support country level action for shaping a better future.


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