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Customized Trainings

Did you not find exactly what you are looking for in our training program? Or do you want to have a small group of employees trained at your location or in our location in Tunisia according to your specific requirements?

Then the best solution for you and your training requirements is customized training courses. We pride ourselves on creating customized training solutions that not only fit the needs of your organization – but the needs of your employees. CODEV International provides a highly interactive experience to strengthen your skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Our customized Training provides convenient and flexible training resources with content tailored specifically to your needs in a supportive, open environment.

Our institute Develops Customized Training based on the unique needs of each mentee. With a mission to understand the needs of our participants, we provide innovative training to match current and emerging business requirements.

All training curriculum is customized to fit your organization’s needs and learning requirements. CODEV International is committed to understanding your business need to incorporate pertinent knowledge into every learning opportunity.

How do we design a customized training?

  • Analyzing Your Training Needs: The first step is an introductory orientation to discuss your specific needs and to identify your training objectives. We also establish how these objectives can be fulfilled.
  • Identifying Topics & Content: After careful assessment of participants’ needs, our team will develop a training solution that includes all appropriate training topics and content.
  • Developing Content: Our team will tailor your training program with content, examples, exercises, and activities that speak to the heart of our participants’ missions.
  • Impact Assessment and Evaluation: a training evaluation will provide insight into the training’s effectiveness. Measuring and evaluating the impact of these trainings on mentees is important to measure the extent of participants’ appreciation towards the trainings and to guarantee continuous quality of the training programs.
  • Follow-up: To ensure your satisfaction, we conduct satisfaction and quality assessments at the close of each training day to ensure we meet your objectives. We also put at your disposal a continuous assistance through attentive listening and dialogue for a whole year starting from the ending date of the training session to help you with any further information you may require.

Duration, Planning & Location

In order to meet the expectations of our mentees and to better adapt to their provisions and constraints, CODEV International offers tailor-made trainings distinguished by a high degree of flexibility especially in terms of the educational approach, duration, schedule and location.

The trainings provided by our institution are organized in a defined place according to the convenience of the beneficiary party, in the premises of CODEV International or elsewhere.

We offer fully customized training solutions in order to address the business needs and learning objectives of our participants’. We understand that your business and training goals are unique. Hence, CODEV International deliver high quality results-oriented trainings that meet your unique needs, fits within your schedule and at the venues of your choice.

Useful Information


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Reception and Referral

CODEV International dedicated team will assist you during your entire stay; they respond quickly and accurately to your queries and provide ongoing assistance until you arrive at your destination….

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CODEV assists you in your booking process at the hotel where the training will take place….

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