Development through capacity building

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Monitoring and evaluation of development projects and programs || Training Sheet

Evaluation of educational projects and programs || Training Sheet

Preparation and formulation of development projects: from strategy development to the loan negotiation process || Training Sheet

New Accounting and Financial Management of Projects: Preparation of Financial Statements || Training Sheet

New Strategic and operational planning of development projects and programs || Training Sheet

New Preparation for PMP certification of the PMI || Training Sheet

New Planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs || Training Sheet

New Management of Social Projects and Social Coaching || Training Sheet

Resource Mobilization Techniques and Tools for financing development projects and programs || Training Sheet

Survey, processing and statistical analysis techniques || Training Sheet

IT tools for monitoring and evaluation of development projects and programs || Training Sheet

Monitoring and evaluation of development programs and projects || Training Sheet

New Budget management, monitoring and analysis || Training Sheet

Financial and Budget Management Tools (GFOT, MTEF and program budget) || Training Sheet

Budget and Accounting of Public Institutions and introduction to IPSAS || Training Sheet

Public debt management || Training Sheet

Preparation, programming and results-based budget execution (MTEF, program budget) || Training Sheet

Public financial management audit || Training Sheet

New Results Based Management (RBM): Performance management || Training Sheet

Implementation of the Institutional Act on Finance legislation (LOLF) || Training Sheet

Macroeconomic data modeling: a. Practical training : Structural multivariate models b. (VAR and VECM), Panel data models with direct application on Eviews || Training Sheet

Control, Audit and Evaluation of Public Expenditure || Training Sheet

The new public manager and good governance || Training Sheet

New Public Procurement Strategy: Defining and Developing a Public Purchasing Policy || Training Sheet

New Advanced management of public procurement || Training Sheet

New Public Procurement: Audit and Control || Training Sheet

Public procurement: Prevention and Management of claims and litigation || Training Sheet

Procurement and execution of contracts; new reforms of the World Bank and AfDB (2016) || Training Sheet

Procurement : Practical training on standard documents || Training Sheet

New Dashboards in Public Procurement|| Training Sheet

Governance, management and regulation of procurement || Training Sheet

Preparation and practical use of FIDIC contracts || Training Sheet

New Public Procurement Plan, Budget, Program || Training Sheet

Electronic public contract procedures || Training Sheet

New Dematerialization of processes and electronic archiving || Training Sheet

Develop and implement an information strategy || Training Sheet

Use of ICTs for local development || Training Sheet

New System Administration || Training Sheet

Digital libraries and open archives || Training Sheet

Implementation of an information monitoring system within development projects || Training Sheet

New Networks and IT Security || Training Sheet

Management of water and sanitation facilities (drinking water, rainwater and wastewater) || Training Sheet

Participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation of drinking water supply and sanitation programs || Training Sheet

Road hydraulics || Training Sheet

Promoting integrity in the water sector || Training Sheet

New Design and dimensioning and modeling of sanitation works || Training Sheet

New Implementation of infection prevention and control programs in the WASH sector || Training Sheet

New Integrating climate change into education programs || Training Sheet

New Resilience analysis tools and sensitive local planning in climate change || Training Sheet

New Challenges, tools and methods of international negotiations on climate change || Training Sheet

Mainstreaming climate change Adaptation in urban area || Training Sheet

Financing tools against climate change || Training Sheet