Development through capacity building

Study Tours

Anxious to bring a better value to its services, CODEV International has a key role to play in the implementation of lively technical workshops by professionals and visits to major sites to promote the exchange of practices and experiences.

We help participants share experiences, navigate new skills and explore latest ideas all while developing the global perspective needed for success in today’s interconnected world. Study tours initiative is an excellent way for mentees to gain an international perspective within their program in order to understand how businesses operate across the world; we will incorporate academic contents with hands-on visits so you set to put theory into practice. We strive to create the perfect study tours for every participant

The aim of these tours organized by CODEV International is to help participants develop their own skills, strategies and capabilities to tackle the next hurdle more effectively and to provide access to knowledge, case studies and networks. We stand by every participants to lead them towards gaining new enriching perspectives.